Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Recent plein air paintings

Outdoor paintings from April - June 2014

Hydrangea study on Oike dori in Kyoto - cloudy day on June 23, 2014

"Sakura Season" - 6" x 9" oil on canvas board - Sold

"Heian Jingu" - oil painting on 6" x 9" canvas board

"Kyoto Imperial Palace" - 9" x 13" oil on canvas board

Quick 15 minute study at a shrine near Kyoto Gosho.  A big truck decided to park right in front of it....  quick study!

8" x 10" oil painting at Honpo-ji 

quick study at Kyoto Imperial Palace Park 

Amaryllis study by the river

Stages of an early morning plein air painting near Nijo  dori.  I liked the composition as a square so I cropped it when I got home.

quick sakura (cherry blossom) study by the canal near my apartment

 "Early Morning at Kyoto Gosho" - 6" x 9" oil on canvas board

 "Burning Incense at Gyoganji Temple" - 6" x 9" oil on canvas board

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