Friday, May 24, 2013

Painting pagodas in Kyoto

There is a saying in Japan that if you throw a stone in Tokyo, you'll hit a subway and if you throw a stone in Kyoto, you'll hit a temple.  There are over 1600 temples in Kyoto and over 400 shrines.  What is the difference between a temple and a shrine?  A temple is for buddhism and a shrine is for shinto.  I am fascinated with the Japanese temples' and shrines' unique architecture, in particular the pagodas that can found at some of them.  As summer is quickly approaching in Kyoto, I decided to take advantage of the last "cooler" days in the city and paint some of the local pagodas.

Hokanji pagoda

 Hokanji  pagoda

Kiyomizu pagoda

these are some more pagodas I painted earlier in the year

Toji Temple pagoda- the tallest in Japan

Kiyomizu pagoda

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