Thursday, March 7, 2013

Plein air painting in Japan's ancient capital: Kyoto 2012

After living in rural, northern Japan for a year, my wife was offered a position to teach in Kyoto, Japan.  We moved in July 2012 and we were met with the legendary heat that settles between the mountains surrounding Kyoto.  Plein air painting in a city, without a car, provides new challenges as well as new opportunities for subject matter.  The seasons really come alive in Kyoto and riding around the city on my bike with my easel, taking in the changing leaves and temperature as well as the ancient ambiance of the city,  provides plenty of  inspiration.

Heian Shrine

one of the gates at the Imperial Palace

Toji Temple- the tallest pagoda in Japan

 painting a stage at Yasaka Shrine in the Gion district

quick tourou study

temple outside our apartment

gate in Ohara forest in northeast Kyoto

fall leaves at the Imperial Palace

more plein air painting at the Imperial Palace

The Banks of Kamogawa - oil on canvas board

Nijo Castle

Kiyomizu Pagoda

Shishi study off Horikawa-dori

Still lifes

some octopus tentacles from the supermarket

squid study

basil study

lily study

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