Thursday, February 13, 2014

Recent Work

"Katsuru" - 33cm x 24cm oil paint on linen

"Umeha" - 13" x 14" oil on linen

"Ichinana" - 8" x 10" -  charcoal study on toned paper

"Shigyoshiki" - 12" x 16" - oil paint on linen

"Katsutomo" - 9" x 12" oil painting on board
This is a painting of Katsutomo, a maiko or apprentice geisha from the Gion Kobu district of Kyoto, Japan.  Inspired by Henri Toulouse Lautrec's cardboard paintings, I painted it on cardboard and sprayed it with a protective sealant to prevent the board from warping or deteriorating. 

"Honbasho" 12" x 16" oil painting on linen

This is from a major sumo tournament held in Osaka, Japan in April 2013.   I really enjoyed painting the expressive action of the wrestlers and the tension of the scene.
"Katsuhina" - 9" x 12" oil painting on black canvas paper

I accidentally ordered black canvas paper instead of the traditional white, so I tried to utilize it by painting a tonal portrait using only white paint.   I've drawn Katsuhina before and I thought I would try doing a portrait of her in paint.

"Ryouka" - 11" x 14" charcoal and chalk on toned paper

Geisha art and geisha oil paintings by Phil Couture. Japanese artwork in oil paint and charcoal.

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